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There is no country in the world spending more money on tourism than Germany. So Germany is a very attractive market for tourist destinations. Public Relation is a very effective means of gaining market-share in this field. publishes press releases, news and reports as a service for the German press. You can register and publish your English press releases. But the visitors of this site are mainly German-speaking. So it may make more sense for you to use of the communication services of to international companies:

* Public Relations for Travel and Tourism
* Translation/reformulation of your press release into German
* Coordinate public relations and advertising activities in Germany
* Find and contact the right media partners for you
* Issuing press releases to the German Newspapers, Journals and Journalists
* corporate blogging, viral marketing
* Organizing press conferences for your company or destination
* Promotion of your company at tourist events, e.g. the ITB Berlin
* Writing of articles on your company products for German journals
* Issuing German newsletters to your actual and potential partners
* managing press relations for events (fairs, roadshows etc.)
* Online image presentation
* Creation/translation of your Website in(to) German
* Updating the news and press content of your Website daily
* Advice for media productions about tourist destinations

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